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What we do

How we do P.R.
We take a brief from a client verbally or in writing, e.g. by e-mail. This is turned into a full release or article which is then distributed to a custom mailing list. The mailing list is drawn from our database plus new research and maintained on a regular basis. The release, usually including a photograph, is either sent by email, or in some cases placed individually.

How we do Social Media
We set up corporate blogs and then create posts related to client products and services. This is extended to Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube etc where we create business sites and manage interactive campaigns.

Who we do it for
Typically technology based companies producing or selling industrial products. Our clients may be manufacturers, subsidiaries, distributors or related companies in the industrial, manufacturing or similar industries – everything from electronics or aerospace to assembly or construction.

Why we do it
We do it to increase the competitiveness of our clients business. The material we generate is distributed for free publication on the internet and in printed journals because it is of interest to their readers and because our professional experience means it is written and presented in a way their readers can assimilate easily.

Long term client relationships, e.g. 10 to 15 years, have demonstrated that our activities have greatly aided clients to produce long-term growth and to help them survive in times of difficulty.

Where we do it
Online and printed media – if you recognise any from this small sample of publications and websites then the chances are that we are already gaining coverage with engineers and buyers who would be interested in your products.

  • Design Products & Applications (DPA)
  • Electronics Product Design & Test
  • Fastening & Assembly Solutions
  • The Engineer
  • Kompass
  • Engineerlive
  • Applegate
  • The Manufacturer
  • Aviationweek