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Case Studies

We are aware that many problems are experienced in common across various industries – the following cases drawn from experience illustrate how we have dealt with these problems.

Marketing Strategy graphic1. Client Problem: We have a corporate website hosted outside the UK which is not appearing in organic searches.
Solution: Set up a satellite website based around a blog.

2. Client Problem: Our website is showing up but ranking low in organic searches.
Solution: Set up an independent blog with multiple deep links to the main website.

3. Client Problem: Our website and blog are working well and we have noticed that social media sites are appearing in organic searches – but we do not know how to use this new channel.
Solution: Set up social media program based on SEO criteria with an independent social media manager who can do the work for you based on website, PR and blog post content.

Internet Marketing square graphic4. Client Problem: We are missing something – we know we need to do something in promotions, but don’t know what.
Solution: Initiate a program based on PR and Directory Management leading into Social Media.

5. Client Problem: We have a website, blog, PR etc., but we are not coming up in searches for some keywords.
Solution: First – check you are actually using these keywords on your website, blog, in your PR etc.
Second – check that your sites are fully searchable.
Third – check your SEO – check who does rank highly with these terms – are they too big to compete with?
Fourth – if so, check that the search is really what an engineer would use. Also check if the term is too general or if results come from a powerful niche which also uses the same word/s in a different context. In either case it is probably better to focus efforts elsewhere.

6. Client Problem: We are launching a new product and want to get it into the market quickly.
Solution: We can generate multiple press releases, coupled with an intensive social media campaign.

7. Client Problem: We are new to promoting ourselves – where should we start?
Solution: First, set up a simple website covering products and basic company information.
Second, set up an independent blog.
Third, concurrently set up a PR, Directory Management and Social Media campaign.
Fourth, expand the website.
Fifth, explore further options, e.g. advertising and exhibitions.

8. Client Problem: We don’t have a budget for promotion.
Solution: Initiate the same program as 7. Even if you don’t have a budget you will have to have a website – then go from there, a little at a time, just as you might invest in any other development. Over time you can expect it to pay for itself if you grow the program as it justifies itself and you gain trust in the process.

9. Client Problem: We don’t know how well we come up on Google organic searches.
Solution: We can carry out a webprofiling exercise against your important keyword list.

For more information, please see our FAQ’s on PR and FAQ’s on Blogs & Social Media.