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Top Tips to Your Web Profile

RUN A WEBSITE – RUN A BLOG – connect them both with links on menu bars and links from blog posts to product details on the main site.

DEFINE your important keywords and search strings. Think like a customer. Start with probably 20 or 30 and add to the list every time you think of a new term or put out new material. Seek to associate yourself with the full range of your industry’s jargon/technical terminology.

SPREAD yourself widely online, that includes press releases, directories and advertising.

WRITE readably, including your keywords.

ENSURE your website, press releases and advertisements have “content” i.e. they should really do the job of telling a viewer exactly what you and your product/services are about.

PUT out preferably two press releases a month – you may put out more but the marginal return drops off rapidly.

MONITOR your ranking on important search strings e.g., a very good result for an industrial company would be to have say 150 search strings and to come on page 1 position 1 of Google organic search for 50 of them – frequently with multiple page 1 results for the same search.

FEEDBACK results into future material.

LOOK for different aspects to old products. There are often new applications, new variants or product updates that provide new information to potential customers/

DO annual deals for your advertising – plan ahead, research and be selective.

ENSURE your home page description says what you would like to see on a search engine results page.

KEEP your website up to date – new products, new applications, data sheets etc.

PUT “News” on or linked to your home page.

DO NOT put corporate information on your home page. Nobody except your competitors is interested. So put your products/services on the home page – with the news.

USE your press releases on your news page – reuse them as blog posts.

POST on your blog each week – with links to products your website.

PUT FREE ENTRIES on directories – even mainstream non-technical ones these days have an industrial section. Take time and care – this may be a one-time exercise but will stay online for a long time. If your company details change then update your entries.

Download these top tips as a printable pdf

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