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Top Tips to Writing for Industrial Situations


MENTION your company name, e.g. XYZ Ltd recently launched …

WHY should they buy? What will your product/service do for its purchaser? Focus on benefits – the widget 3000 offers faster, higher quality, precise, cost saving, performance/ assembly/operation.

WHO are you writing for? A press release may need to state this upfront e.g. “design engineers are likely to find the xyz widget especially interesting for …”

WHAT is your product/service? Describe in industry known terms so it fits recognizably into the reader’s known universe. Use common industry jargon and tech terms but do not over use.

WHAT features does it have? Main ones and unique ones first, then other important ones. Remember it is still a feature even if all the competitors have it too.

WHEN would they use it?

WHERE would they use it?

HOW would they use it?

HOW does it do what it does? Engineers need to understand so that they can incorporate it into their design or process.

BE clear, don’t waffle, and don’t mention your company name too often. Read it through, be honest.

BREVITY – Be brief if you don’t have much to say but use as much space as you need.

CONTENT – ensure your writing contains meat and two veg – something to chew on – if you fluff out a piece ensure the fluff is also interesting, relevant, witty.

TECHNOLOGY – do write about your technology, this adds credibility and is interesting to designers and engineers – it also aids in raising you up above the competition – you gain authority.

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