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Top Tips to Web Profiling

USE GOOGLE searches – CHOOSE your Google options. We use:

  • display all
  • UK only

This allows us to see the effect of pictures and videos – and we are only interested in UK results. Using the same options ensures consistency.

INPUT YOUR SEARCH STRINGS AND NOTE page 1 and 2 results which link to you – spreadsheet e.g. 1-1, equals page 1 position 1.

NOTE competitors’ positions and result sources while you search – either formally or informally depending on how concerned you are.

NOTE where your results come from, e.g. which directories, which journals, where your website and blog appear in the results – also to see what media are working for competitors that you may also use.

DO it monthly for a year, then quarterly thereafter – so you can get immersed and get a global feel for your profile as you develop your searches and keyword strings.

ADD new searches regularly from:

  • new jargon
  • new technology
  • new products
  • new services
  • searches you would like to be found for – be sure you actually have them in your website, blog, press releases, social media etc.
  • searches you ought to be found for (keywords you have promoted) if they do not appear – why not?

IDEALLY do it yourself so that you understand the process and the results – otherwise ask your marketing/ advertising/PR agency to do it for you.

IF someone else does your Webprofile report then check search some terms each time you get a report to get a deeper flavour than the report itself.

PROMOTE your keyword strings – ensure you use them in your promotion. If you think you have a keyword worth promoting then add it to your profile searches.

COUNT totals for a quick guide comparison from one report to the next e.g.

  • Number of search results on page 1
  • Number of search results on page 2
  • Number of keyword results appearing on page 1
  • Number of keyword results at page 1 position 1

Download these top tips as a printable pdf

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