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Top Tips to Video on the Net

INDUSTRIAL video is becoming more popular on the internet – you can create one yourself.

SOME video hosting sites may be more appropriate than others – do some research. YouTube is very useful – set up your own channel and stream from it.

ADD VIDEO to your website and blog – stream from the host site.

A 5-SEC clip may be enough – but take what you need to tell the story.

POSSIBLE subjects and styles:

  • simple passive product demo, e.g. a hand rotating the item for a full 3D view
  • active product demo
  • personal presentation
  • installation demo
  • graphic presentation of action not visible in a video
  • seminar presentation
  • slide show format to get across a simple message in text
  • use subtitles and/or voice plus music

ENSURE your video has a suitable text description with the right keywords and a link to your site.

IF you do not own the copyright then ensure you have the copyright owner’s permission to use the material.

SOURCE video clips from:

  • internally
  • head office
  • suppliers
  • customers

TOP AND TAIL with your corporate intro and sign off – at its most basic simply a logo intro and a web address sign off.

Download these top tips as a printable pdf

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