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Top Tips to Product Photography

IF you sell products you will need photos – collect them for use everywhere. Carry a camera when you visit customers, site locations or manufacturing plants etc.

ENSURE that you OWN the copyright – check with photographers when booking them.

SOURCE the best photos you can afford – find a local photographer that suits your needs even if you use them infrequently.

ENSURE any photographer is “art-directed” at the studio so that they show the important features of your product clearly.

IF you can’t afford a professional then set up a studio area yourself and use your own camera.

TAKE pictures on a white background unless you have a special studio effect – then add a background in afterwards. Many effects are available at reasonable cost.

EVEN the simplest photos can be enhanced and have an attractive background added. You may need to use a professional to do this as the cutting out and lighting effects may benefit from this.

DON’T use the camera on your mobile phone unless it is very good – but a reasonable quality 1 megabyte jpeg at 300dpi can be OK from a good super compact.

IF your product is visually boring – be honest – add an attractive background, but not too flashy so the product is overlooked. On the other hand, an informative shot in a working environment is very useful and may only need cropping to work well.

USE a landscape format if possible.

DO NOT lift pictures from other websites – they are almost certainly copyright and you could incur hefty charges – if not lawsuits.

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