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Top Tips to Money Saving

FORM long term supplier relationships – long term they can save you money and heartache.

DO deals – publishers will soon put you on their list of people to call with last minute low cost offers.

MATCH quality appropriately – remember good enough is exactly that – so you need to understand what is appropriate.

DO the activity at a low-cost level if you can’t afford the expensive one.

YOU can do a lot of it yourself.

BRIEF your suppliers clearly.

KEEP it simple.

DON’T agonize over P.R. subjects. Taking them too seriously is simply procrastinating and time wasting – if you know your business then sit down and make a list of P.R. subjects off the top of your head or work through your catalogue. You can always modify your list.

BALANCE your marketing activities so that they work together and compliment each other.

ENROL your sales people in supplying P.R. material – the media and readers love application stories that they can relate to, especially if they are a bit different/quirky/ humorous or whatever.

DO take lots of pictures of products, applications etc – you never know when they will come in handy. Buy a good automatic camera and carry it with you. Use it to document applications. Remember a good application shot will overcome lack of quality and is easy to do while you are there. Organising to come back will cost a lot more.

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