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Top Tips to Marketing

DO have a website – host it in the UK, keep it simple, keep it quick to load and navigate, keep it technical, authoritative, informative and properly SEO’d.

DO use P.R. – by issuing product-based releases, application-based releases etc., properly written with good photos, well SEO’d

DO Social Media – run an independent Blog have a YouTube channel, use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, Pinterest – more if you wish.

DO advertising online – support your P.R. – with low-cost website deals, buy keywords and appropriately placed banners.

DO Pay-per-click – adwords.

DO exhibitions – use pop up stands, with some product and low-cost stand space.

DO directories – free entries, company profiles – low cost, enhanced entries.

BUDGET your marketing activities formally each year; maintain a flexible approach over its lifetime.

COMMIT to marketing activities as a long-term part of your business – compare with sales costs, e.g. cost of sales engineer.

USE your website as your brochure, your online enquiry feed, your technical library and your central company resource. Keep it current and comprehensive.

USE printed journal advertising to lead people to your website, phone or e-mail.

CREATE a photo library as core collateral – products, applications – use principal libraries.

USE your text and photo collateral as widely as possible – in releases, website, blog posts and newsletters.

USE corporate branding across packaging, paperwork, promotional material, emails.

MONITOR results where you can, but maintain a wide perspective. Blinkered thinking does not grow a business.

ESTABLISH the keywords and search terms important to your business – use them everywhere – especially online – build this up with experience, e.g. 100 to 300.

PUT yourself in the position of the prospective customer who doesn’t even know you exist – yet!

CONSIDER video demonstrations on your website and elsewhere – also slide presentations and product pictures, also application pictures.

Download these top tips as a printable pdf

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