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Top Tips to Content

BEAR in mind that what you say in your promotional material, P.R. etc, should be valuable or have recognizable. potential to be so.

EXPRESS yourself clearly so that the valuable information your material contains is easily understood.

DON’T FORGET that communication is achieved through a number of channels:

  • pictures – eye-catching and clear
  • words – informative
  • presentation – clear and attractive
  • illustrations, graphics, video, animations

CONTENT will depend on situation: a data sheet needs lots of technical information; a P.R. piece needs some tech info but more about “what will it do?” A website needs all the “content” you can assemble, presented in an easy to navigate package. A newsletter should be a quick update with a lead in to greater depth probably by linking to the relevant page on your website. Be appropriate – consider what you would expect if you were the reader.

WHAT would you consider valuable information?

  • tech specs
  • tech data
  • performance data
  • application info
  • technology explanation
  • prices
  • cost of ownership
  • what does it look like? – graphics, photos
  • product demo – video
  • how does it work + video
  • how do I install it + video
  • how do I adjust it + video
  • how does it compare with alternatives
  • examples of problems solved
  • how to do something – Whitepapers

COLLATE your “content” into a brief for whoever is going to write it, edit it or compile it into a document.

CLARITY AND BREVITY – be clear and brief in general – KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – where you need to say more take what space you need, but learn to recognize when to stop.

REMEMBER that “content” is what you talk to customers about every day.

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