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Top Tips to Advertising

USE your advertising to support your P.R. Use feedback from PR to inform your advertising choices.

FOCUS placement carefully – a few packages supported with a contingency fund can be a very cost-effective strategy.

MAINTAIN a simple strong key phrase across all promotional activities e.g. “Total Widget Supply” or “Specialist Aerospace Widgets”.

DO deals – advertising is one area where really good deals can be done.

LET it be known you are a player – you will get very good offers.

ADVERTISE online as widely as you can afford – become ubiquitous.

USE printed advertising – simple ads with product/application picture plus website address, phone and e-mail are often all that is needed.

CREATE some stock adverts, e.g. ¼ pages, banners and tiles to be available in case a good deal comes along.

TALK to ad reps – they are a highly motivated group of people and generally well informed about their industry. They can do deals with great flexibility and can often give good advice about the best way to use their publication – after all they also want you to succeed as a long-term customer, just as you do with your customers.

CHECK OUT the packages available where often quite extensive coverage can be bought for very moderate budgets – but be realistic about what you need, as “bells and whistles” can easily run away with the cash if you cannot bargain them into the package at reduced cost.

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