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Top Tips for Directory Management (free entries)

FREE directory entries are a quick way of gaining a presence on the internet for limited effort and with fairly permanent effect – so once you are happy that your website is working properly this is the first thing you should do. Be careful to use mainstream national directories as well as specialist and local ones if your business is locally based.

CREATE a short (70 words approximately) profile of your company/products/services, including your most important keywords.

FIND suitable directories by searching on the internet:

  • search your keywords and see who comes up
  • search trade directories
  • search local directories, e.g. by searching “widgets in town x”

PICK the most relevant – we have lists of 100 to 200 but you only need 20 to 30 to be effective.

PUT your profile as free entries on these sites. You may have to dig to find the free entry registration but be persistent – if you can’t find it then e-mail or phone to ask.

ENSURE you register for all the relevant categories they offer – even the marginal ones. As for them to provide additional categories if you cannot find ones you would like, so long as they are relevant to the directory field of interest.

KEEP all your usernames and passwords organised where you can find them for maintenance.

CHECK your entries every 12 months. The site may prompt you, but do not rely on this. Your entry may go out of date for a variety of reasons – your own changes or changes in the site itself.

Download these top tips as a printable pdf

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