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Industrial Press Relations – NOT Public Relations

Ian offers the view that Industrial PR is very different from the PR we know from the tabloid press. Today PR is also otherwise known as “content marketing” or sometimes “article marketing” because of its links with other information channels. From the desk of ID-Marketing

The PR value of directories for industrial promotion

A brief outline from Ian on the PR value of directories for industrial promotion. From the desk of ID-Marketing.

Using keywords and search strings in press relations

Ian talks about keywords and search strings – how to derive them and how to use them. From the desk of ID-Marketing.

Printed media is still relevant

According to Ian printed media is still highly relevant – but needs re-evaluation. From the desk of ID-Marketing.

Internet Media

Ian looks at internet journals from the perspective of industrial P.R.

Industrial Press Releases

What to send, where to send it and what to write about. Ian covers the 80:20 rule for industrial P.R.

Feature Articles

Ian discusses approaching technical features – submission and creation. DIY or outsource?

The Virtuous P.R. and Social Media Cycles

From the desk of ID-Marketing – an outline of the information flow involved in industrial P.R. and Social Media

Industrial Social Media

According to Ian – at the desk of ID-Marketing – Social Media has come of age for industrial companies

Marketing for Industrial SMEs –
building a cost-effective Promotional Pyramid

A wide ranging discussion of the promotional possibilities for Industrial SMEs, enabling them to structure activities cost-effectively.